1. A Job in Music
2. Skills, experience and training
3. How to find work and work placements

This workbook covers all the information you need about the variety of jobs which exist in music, together with information about what type of skills, experience and training you will need to pursue those jobs. There is also a useful section on how to find work and work placements.

Each chapter contains its own specific project, with comprehensive web links and reading lists. Extension activities are also provided for students who can move quickly through the project work.

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work and jobs
  1. All the areas of work that are 'working in and around music'
  2. Jobs in creating, performing, recording and production
  3. Jobs in marketing, promotion and distribution
  4. Jobs in management, business and copyright
  5. Jobs in live performance and touring
  6. Self employed (freelance) jobs
  7. Jobs in music outside the UK
  1. The skills, experience and training you need, for the job you want
  2. Evaluating the skills and knowledge that you have learned
  3. Evaluating your Personal Qualities to describe the type of person you are
  4. Looking at the Training you may need to undertake
  5. Personal circumstances and lifestyle decisions you have to make for a career in music
  1. How do you get work? Presenting yourself on paper, and in person, to get the work that you want.
  2. Preparing a music CV and a personal profile
  3. Auditions and interviews
  4. Understanding job adverts
  5. Finding work placement opportunities
  6. Consider working abroad

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