1. How to use the Open Learning Materials
2. How the Music Industry operates
3. Where now? Setting your goals
4. Networking

This introductory book, the first in a set of nine, provides an explanation of how to use the materials, an overall view of the music industry and crucial early information on how to create an action plan to build a career in the music industry. It also provides a useful section on how to build your networks, an essential element of developing a career in music.

Each chapter contains its own specific project, with comprehensive web links and reading lists. Extension activities are also provided for students who can move quickly through the project work.

pp 37-38 (Project chapter 2) spacerpp 56-57 pp 80-81
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the music industry and you
  1. How the music industry operates
  2. The Recording Industry
  3. The Music Publishing Industry
  4. The Live Performance Industry
  5. Case studies
  6. Business people such as agents and promoters
  7. Industry membership organisations and trade bodies
  8. Collection societies such as the PRS
  9. International scene / trade fairs
  10. Internet searching - a comprehensive guide on how to do advanced internet searches
  1. Setting goals and making action plans
  2. Your personality and your personal skills
  3. Musical skills and talent
  4. Create your Action Plan
  5. Deciding what's important
  1. Networking strategies
  2. Who do you know already?
  3. Where can you network?
  4. Networking skills
  5. Building your network using information technology

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