1. Why marketing, promotion and distribution?
2. Define your audience
3. Creating and marketing your package
4. Promotions
5. Distribution
6. Retail

This workbook is essential for anyone wishing to learn how to promote and market themselves in the music industry. It covers information about how to research and find your music industry target, as well as putting a package together, and targeting the media with press releases.

Each chapter contains its own specific project, with comprehensive web links and reading lists. Extension activities are also provided for students who can move quickly through the project work.

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marketing distribution retail and promotion
  1. What is meant by Marketing, Promotion, Distribution and Retail
  2. Who is your target audience
  3. Who are you trying to sell your product or service to?
  4. Finding your target
  1. Putting a package together
  2. Sending out the package
  3. Marketing yourself
  1. Promotional activities
  2. The media
  3. Press, radio and TV
  4. Example press release
  1. Distributors
  2. Glossary of terms used in distribution
  3. Retail

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