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Armstrong Learning has considerable expertise in designing and delivering music education, specifically in the further and higher education sectors.

We have been a provider of quality education and training since 2003 and were recently cited as 'one of the best providers in England and Wales' by the Adult Learning Inspectorate. (Chief inspector's annual report, 2004-5).

The new music workbooks represent a specialist area of our work, which also involves developing bespoke learning products across public and private sectors and delivering training and mentoring in the North West.

The new workbooks have been widely praised by the professional music community and have been featured as a good practice case study by the Adult Learning Inspectorate's programme improvement wing.



Originally commissioned for the New Deal for Musicians programme, we can now offer these books to other educational providers. The price includes a licence to photocopy all the assessments for teaching purposes.

They include:
Practical, modular assessment materials, suitable for use in a variety of contexts
  1. Supporting and delivering the music curriculum for 14+ , FE and HE
  2. Excellent general music resources and career guidance resources
  3. Modular assessments and extension activities in each chapter
Comprehensive, relevant and up to date music industry information
  1. Developed by music industry education specialists and professional musicians
  2. Build real-life music skills with a 'jobs' focus
  3. Developed in association with DWP, DfES, music industry bodies including the Music Publishers Association (MPA) and the Performing Right Society (PRS)
Easy to use by teachers and students
  1. 'Tear out' projects to photocopy, assessing student progress
  2. Comprehensive lists of recommended reading and web links
  3. Modular design and easy navigation - study from one chapter to the whole suite
  4. 'Open Learning' design enables flexible study and minimum resources

'Excellent new workbooks.. easy to follow and very thorough. Instructions are clear and periodic assessments show learners and staff what progress has been made'
Adult Learning Inspectorate report

'The new workbooks are wonderful....really useful'
New Deal for Musicians provider, September 2005

'The Workbooks explain the hows and the whys of the complex business of music in a clear and informative way. Used alongside the information and protection that membership of the MU provides, you’d be hard pressed to be better prepared for a career in music.'
Morris Stemp - Musicians’ Union

'A very helpful introduction to anybody wishing to gain an understanding of the 'mechanics' operating within the Recording Industry.'
Roland Brown – Project Manager (Mute) Artist Manager (Royksopp, Moby, Sonique) / Label Consultant (Mute for Depeche Mode)

'An essential reference for educating musicians at all levels'
Shaun Arnold - H.A.I.L. (The Music Development Agency for the Highlands & Islands of Scotland)

'Beautifully presented, accurate and full of relevant, up to date information. The advice on getting gigs, touring and dealing with promoters is spot on!'
Stuart Avery - S.A. Promotions

'The workbooks and projects demand close study and application, they have broadened my knowledge and awareness of the industry.'
Michael Trowski - Conductor

'The workbooks are great, I now have a much clearer idea of what I need to do, to get where I want to be in the music industry.'
Sean Luke Williams - Musician

'Getting into music and the music business? Then look no further!'
Gareth Brooks – XFM

'Really useful background on the copyright and legal aspects of music.'
Lisa Bindahnee – Media Lawyer

'These Armstrong Learning Work books can provide the aspiring musician with all the hands on knowledge of how to survive in the world of the music business.The work books cover many diverse subjects such as teaching music, songwriting, record production, marketing and copyright issues. 
Written by industry professionals they provide the map and compass to any unsigned musical traveller ready to explore the unchartered terrain of the musical and creative industries jungle.'

Tom Hingley – Inspiral Carpets / The Lovers / Lecturer

'I am hugely impressed by the content and design of the NDfM work books - they provide a new benchmark for music industry educational resources.'
Ross Graham – Chief Exec Northern Ireland Music Industry Commision

'The NDFM work books are a fantastic resource containing not only all the usual information necessary to have a successful career in the music industry but the trade secrets too!'
Helen Searle – Music Lawyer

'The books are essential for anyone just starting off in the music industry and even for established industry professionals, as they explain and simplify all areas of the business. I’m grateful to own them.'
Declan Rodgers - Manager, Lil Chris and Karma 45

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