1. Songwriting
2. Creating Music
3. Remixing
4. Arranging
This workbook covers information, hints and tips about writing and creating music.
Each chapter contains its own specific project, with comprehensive web links and reading lists. Extension activities are also provided for students who can move quickly through the project work.

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  1. Songwriting
  2. Case studies
  3. Analysing a tune
  4. Key elements of a song
  5. Tempo/Speed
  6. Rhythm, melody, chords, lyrics
  7. Structure, dynamics
  8. How to analyse a song
  9. Tips for writing music and lyrics
  1. How is music created in each genre
  2. Key elements in different genres
  3. Writing for a particular artist within a genre
  4. Music characteristics of genres
  5. Pop/Rock music
  6. Urban/Dance music
  7. Arts/Roots music
  8. Commercial music
  1. The purpose of remixing
  2. Who will commission a remix
  3. What kind of person will become a remixer
  4. Historical Context
  5. What equipment is needed to make a remix
  6. Where can I get remix work or source material?
  7. Working to a brief
  8. How do I learn remix skills
  9. Legal and money issues
  1. Arranging – Tips and techniques for arranging music in different forms and genres
  2. Identifying instruments and what they do in an arrangement
  3. Skills you need to arrange
  4. Techniques used in arranging
  5. General arrangement techniques
  6. Chord and structure charts
  7. Dance and urban arrangement

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